Blueprints for new digital economies.

Core components for digital platforms

Digital platforms and economies share many common needs across identity management, market structuring, and transaction-based analytics. We build reusable components that are modular, interoperable, and require no vendor lock-in.

An Open Future

Instead of walled gardens, open platforms (often referred to as Web 3) allow companies to generate greater network effects with an engaged developer community leveraging shared infrastructure.

As a result, these systems have greater adoption, increased security, and reduced costs.

Our products bridge the gap between Web 2 and Web 3.


Create incremental real world identities for any platform or service.


Abstracting blockchain technology through the use of existing UX and workflows.

A free and open service that issues verifiable credentials to any individual.

Why Web 2.5

As platforms open up, bridges from existing infrastructure to meet these new paradigms will be critical. Transitioning to an open economy is the key to unlocking future value.

Alpine is building tools that deliver value today and will prepare enterprises for the transition to Web 3.

How do we get there?

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The First Layer

A robust identity layer is the first step toward enabling all other platform components.

Creation of decentralized reputation systems

Efficient matchmaking through complete profiles

Sharing data in a secure and trusted manner

Satisfying compliance requirements


Incrementally build real-world identities for your users and map how they interrelate.

GraphID uses the latest in identity standards pioneered by the W3C and DIF.

BigApps NYC Winner

Our document signing and identity management concept involving GraphID won the real estate category.

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