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Token Curated Recap

For those of you just joining us, we’d recommend checking out our initial launch post which details the project and our motivation for building it. As a tl;dr, TCR Party is an attempt at distilling a Token Curated Registry into something more familiar for humans to use– not just the crypto-elite. Our TCR comes in the form of a list of the best handles in crypto Twitter, all retweeted by our party bot (which you can follow in order to current with the latest in all things crypto). Rather than needing to manage the complexity of a wallet, Ethereum interface, etc., we’ve packaged our user interface into a second bot– TCRPartyVIP, which allows users to curate the list entirely within Twitter DMs.

After announcing TCR Party last month, we received an awesome amount of support and coverage from the community. We had ~50 partiers sign up in our pre-registration, all of whom have now received tokens and had their accounts activated to start curating the list. We’d like to give a huge thanks to those of you who have been playing with it over the last week; you’ve helped us uncover a number of bugs and improvements needing to be made before we unleash this to the masses.

Launching TCR Party 1.0

As of today, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re opening up the floodgates for TCR Party to be curated by anybody– all that’s required is a Twitter account. To get started, simply follow @TCRPartyVIP and send a Tweet like “Hey @TCRPartyVIP let’s party.” The bot will send you a DM with further instructions to get you started.

We’ve also built the TCR Party Leaderboard, a place for our users to see the latest status of the list. Here you’ll find a directory of everybody who is on the list, being nominated to join the list or has an open challenge against them (which requires your vote!). We have some big plans for this leaderboard– namely a directory of the richest members and their activity within the TCR. We’re hoping to use this as a means of amplifying the prestige and chaos of curating our list.

We really hope you enjoy our first release of TCR Party. Keep in mind that, although we’re opening the floodgates, this is still an early stage project and will likely have its bugs and issues. If you notice anything awry please don’t hesitate to send a tweet to @stevenleeg. If you’re particularly interested, we’d also love to have contributors to the project, which is entirely open source on Github (bot source codecontract source code).

Party on!


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